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If you don't use it, You will lose it (Cardiac Muscle)

key words: hypertrophy, atrophy, homeostasis and exercise adherence.

I always sound preachy when I say your body is your own best asset. Due to the sedentariness we have now succumbed to in the modern world. In addition these conditions have worsened because the the Global Pandemic #covid19. We do not move as much as we should. The obvious first result of this is weight gain. Weight gain also correlates with muscle loss.

Muscle mass loss is inevitable research shows that as we age (30years onwards) we lose 3% to 5% muscle mass. Most men will lose 30% of their muscle mass in their lifetime.

Every adrenal gland has its purpose your kidneys, pancreas, testes, ovaries, pituitary, thyroid etc. all these glands work behind the scenes to give you #homeostasis . However just because you cannot see these vital organs functioning it doesn't mean they are not there. Failure of these organs to function optimally leads to ill health.

Now if you think of your muscles specifically the cardiac muscle. It is one of the first organs to form during conception and the most important muscle. Cardiac #hypertrophy occurs when you exercise continuously for long periods of time. Hence why marathon runners have bigger hearts which have a higher cardiac output and stroke volume compared to the average person. I'm not saying you must have a larger heart but a decent size heart will function more efficiently. The opposite of hypertrophy is #atrophy, which is the decrease in muscle cell numbers. If this occurs the cardiac muscle it will lead to an inefficient function of the heart.

But, Brendon "I don't exercise because I had an injury in the past and it plays on my mind ?"

If this is you then my advice to you is that depending on the severity of the injury seek help from a specialist ie; Physiotherapist or GP. They can help diagnose the problem and help you get back to full form. However the number one issue is your mental state. Your attitude towards the injury will be the determining factor to your progress. Like #DavidGoggins says "Get real with yourself and do the things you don't like"

But, Brendon "I don't like to exercise I get bored easily ?"

If this is you I suggest searching in your phonebook or looking on your social media I guarantee you one person your are close to is into their fitness and they are having fun with it. Ask them for advice on how to get into an exciting and interesting exercise program. Another option ins getting a Personal Trainer.

Check out my video on the heart.

For more support with fitness head over to my website.

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