How to stay motivated to exercise?

1. Write it down on a piece of paper.

Writing is an act which requires the mind and body intramuscular coordination. This means the action of using your hand to actually write, you are burying the seed in your subconscious mind which you will later on manifest.

What shall i write down? The reason WHY you started working out in the first place. This will be specific to your goal be it to weight loss, be healthier, bodybuilding or sports performance. Once you have written down a definitive goal. Stick it on a strategic point in your house, somewhere your eyes can see or hands will touch everyday. (fridge door, bathroom mirror, wallet, phone screen saver, desk at work).

2. SMART goal setting.

Make sure you set a SMART goal. Make sure the goal is Specific to what you aspire to achieve, make sure the goal is Measurable at the beginning can you measure your 1RM, personal best, weight, waist size, stress levels could be anything, this will allow you to monitor your progress and see if your routine is working. Be realistic and make sure your goal is Attainable, see if you can look at some numbers and research what is achievable depending on your current status. This is an opportunity to believe yourself aim for the stars. Is the goal Realistic can you manage to do what you intend to do within timescale, routine and your own ability? Lastly is your goal Time-bound can you set a time frame to quantify and monitor your progress.

3. Use your resources.

These days it goes without saying your mobile phone is your number one resource. Use the endless free videos on youtube, instagram, facebook the list goes on and on, however chose wisely and stick to one. Use your money to pay for the experts, there are specialised experts in exercise who have a proven record if you're willing to reach your goal these people c

an certainly help you.

Music this is probably first on my list find a beat that gets you going and a good set of headphones/ speakers. Music will have an effect to your physiology profile, your heart rate will naturally increase and something magical happens between your mind and body which makes you move. Your body will release specific hormones to facilitate the exercise demands. The moment you start moving effortlessly the easier it will be to move in exercise patterns.

Personally if i am not motivated I go on on Youtube and listen to the likes of Eric Thomas, Dwayne Johnson, Joe Rogan and many other Fitness Motivation videos.

4. Make exercise FUN.

Friends and family - you get your friends or friend to join you on your fitness journey. You could end up creating a challenge to add some competitiveness. For example you go head to head to see who loses the most weight in 2 months. #Fiveadaychallenge against your siblings.

Understand - Do exercise that you understand. How? Play sport you enjoy and exercise that way. Because there is only much you can squat or deadlift. Bringing the fun of sport can keep you active because of enjoyment.

New - Try some new exercises. Obviously perform them safely and see what you can do to add to your pool of exercises. The way i do new exercise is by progressing whatever feels easy and try to make it more interesting and challenging. You will end up inventing your own exercises trust me i've got a few.

5. Exercise in the morning.

Below is a link of 5 reasons why you should exercise in the morning

You will not always feel motivated so accept that you're human and sometimes you will not feel the drive at all and life gets in the way. Don't get discouraged if you miss a session. You can use those feelings of guilt to catapult yourself and work even harder. To counteract off days plan yoga or meditation sessions which less taxing on the central nervous system.

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